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Comics & Zines

Brutstätten - Comic (80 pages, A4, German)

Eine Weile Innehalten - Comic (32 pages, A4, German)

Comic Jam Kollektion & Konzept - Instruction Manual (52 pages, A5, German)

           more to come at some point


Argwohn Satter Vögel - Selfmade Print (A2, Offset)

Well Guards - Selfmade Print (ca. A2, Screenprint)

Read the Room - (Inkjet, A3)

Alles isch Müehsam (Inkjet)

Zur Revolution des Öffentlichen Raumes - Poster (Inkjet)

Melissa - Print (Inkjet, A3)

Freundeskreise und andere Formen - Selfmade Print (Riso, A3)

Ever Shifting Nesting Ground - Poster (A1)

Stickers and Pins

All-Stars Stickersheet (A5, 33 Stickers)

Stop Arguing Stickersheet (A6, 4 Stickers)

Elephant Sticker (Big)

Alles isch Müehsam Sticker (Medium)

Dog Sticker (Medium, Shiny)

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